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Emily helped me with a work project that was behind schedule and full of errors. We finished on time and we were praised for our work. I highly recommend Red Pen Writing Support for all of your work projects.

—Roman A.

Working with Emily was a delight. She understood my style and what I was saying, and she made them even better. I cannot recommend Red Pen strongly enough.

—Peter R.

Red Pen Writing Support was fantastic to work with. Emily provided general proofreading and editing alongside helpful suggestions geared toward the style of writing I wanted to achieve. She helped me understand the edits and tips so that I might improve in the future. It was an excellent experience. I highly recommend this service.

—Kelly J.

Emily has been so helpful and supportive in my writing projects. She keeps the important content and my writing style but makes it so much better!

—Hailey A.

Emily is a phenomenal writing coach, and together we are finding the writer in me. She gave me the encouragement that I needed to start writing and the guidance to create something I can be proud of. 

—Angee W.

Emily has given me some quick tips and minor tweaks that have made all the difference for me when writing college scholarship applications and resume cover letters. Just one hour of her writing support has saved me entire days of revisions. Well worth the investment!

—Ted A.

Emily is a dynamite editor. No matter what type of writing I send her—business letters, conference papers, articles, and even fiction—she improves it tenfold. She’s amazing! Highly recommend.

—Deborah M.

Emily is wonderful! When I started my thesis, I had no idea where to start. I knew I needed some help and found Emily. I told her about my project and my goals, and we quickly worked together to establish a reasonable timeline for completion. I told her what I needed between editing and accountability from the beginning, and she stayed on task! She made sure that if I needed help, she was there. Not only was she a great writing coach, but she was also wonderful at keeping me balanced and not overwhelmed with my absolutely demanding schedule. I highly recommend her for any of your writing needs. If I decide to return to school after this master's, she'll be my first call. Thank you so much, Emily!

—Yande M.

All of the comments I got from Emily were so helpful and thoughtful! I got a lot of good advice and validation that will also be helpful in future writing projects. I would absolutely recommend Red Pen. I had a great experience!

—Grace A.

Emily Anderson of Red Pen Writing Support edited the entirety of my 60-page sabbatical report. What really amazed me were both her incredible attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of grammar and style. I would recommend Emily to anyone from students to academics to professional technical writers!

—Gerry M..

Emily is an excellent proofreader. She corrected my English perfectly, and she was a great communicator. Five stars!

—Tomo S.

Emily knows writing inside and out! I love her advice and insights.

—Judy B.

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