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See what works for you.


Put words, any words, on the page.


Turn it off

Leave your inner editor behind.

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano


Put your ideas into groups.

sticky notes.jpeg

Open docs

Work in as many places as you need to.

Stack of Lined Notebooks

Take notes

Carry a notebook and use it.

Image by Aaron Burden


Stop on the downhill. Leave something for tomorrow.

Image by Will Porada


Think about your audience.

Girl Reading

Read aloud

Learn what your words sound like.

Reading Aloud in Classroom

Work earlier

Wake up earlier and start writing.

Image by Ravi Sharma


Work somewhere else.

Image by Christin Hume


Put writing in your calendar.

Paper Diary

Get offline

Find a place without wifi and see what happens.

Image by Alizée Baudez

Take care

Get enough sleep, take lots of breaks, and go outside.

Happy Teenager


Write down everything you can think of.

Studying at Home

Move on

 If something isn't working for you, stop doing it.

Image by Elliott Stallion


Put your ideas in order.

Brain Storming on Paper

Make pictures

Imagine your writing as pictures instead of words.

Colored Pencils in Pencil Holder


Write out your ideas.

Writing a Diary


Look at your words on the page.

Checking Text on a Document


Read what you did the day before.

Video Conference from Cafe

Read a book

Read about your topic or about something else.

Image by Blaz Photo

Work later

Stay up later and start writing.

Image by David Schultz


Stride, shuffle, or pace.

Image by Alejandro Luengo

Partner up

Find someone to sit with while you work.

Image by charlesdeluvio

Write it out

Leave the computer behind and write by hand.

Writing on a Paper


Find what works for you and keep doing it!

Image by Chris Curry
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