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Our pricing is tiered for different clients.


Our standard rate for business clients is $200 an hour. Our rate for personal and professional writers is $120 an hour, and we offer students a rate of $80 an hour. Our per-hour rate includes conferencing with you, reading your work, commenting or editing, and communicating with you. We offer tiered pricing so we can serve the greatest variety of clients.

We also offer a per-project rate. This rate is best for clients who are working on a specific piece and would like us to develop or edit it. If you would like a quote for your project, please set up an initial consultation during which we can review your needs.

Remember that our initial half-hour consultation is completely free and has no strings attached. 


Chat with us

Find half an hour, grab a cup of coffee, and talk to us about what you need. That's it! We'll go over where you are with your work and how we can help. You can book a time below, and if you don't find one that works, just let us know. There is no commitment and no charge.