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We revised this cover letter for a client in the Education field. You can see a snapshot of the sugesseted revisions below the document.

Dear Ms. Name: 

I am writing to express my interest in the School Counseling position within Central High School. I graduated from College in June 2009 and from University, with a Master’s degree in School Counseling, in August 2017. Currently, I am actively seeking a counseling position at a high school with a diverse and intellectually stimulating atmosphere and a focus on lifelong learning. 

As you will note from my resume, I have had rich experiences in a variety of both high school and middle school environments as a certified teacher. I am currently working at Middle School as a counselor, predominantly of seventh-grade students, all of whom have different strengths and abilities. I will continue to follow these students throughout their years at School.  

My teaching experience has enhanced my abilities as a qualified School Counselor. During my internship and Guest School Counselor position at High School, I was able to immerse myself in many environments including whole-group classroom instruction on post-secondary planning, meetings with parents in IEP or 504 consultations, small focus groups, and one-on-one support for students’ individual needs. I was able to work on closing the gap of students who did not complete college applications by working in small groups to help them finish. I was able to work as a Guest School Counselor at the beginning of the 2021–2022 school year helping sophomores navigate their transition to in-person learning as well as implement the Positivity Pledge to the school during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Currently, at Middle School, I have been able to bring back the Ambassadors program in which current students help new students feel successful and welcome. I work regularly with Multi-Tiered System of Supports teams, a caseload of 504 students, students navigating their career pathways, and other staff members to ensure each student’s success. Regularly, I am the coordinator for external resource systems such as Community College and Township Mental Health Board to work with our students who may qualify for extra support.

As you can see from these examples, my constant search for and desire to explore new ideas about counseling students will help me contribute to the prestige of your District.

I look forward to hearing more from you about the position. I may be reached at Number and Address. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of my application.


This text is copyrighted. Do not copy or share this work.

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